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King Johnnie Casino Contacts & Number

No doubt that any online casino participant would like to be heard when he has a certain inquiry related to gambling on some platform. Unfortunately, the information on the Internet or the site is not always enough to instantly comprehend all the complexities of the game process or a transfer procedure. The fact is that there are individual cases that only a special online casino worker can resolve. If you find yourself in a seemingly hopeless situation, it is a sign to contact a so-called gambling specialist. The support staff on the platform is all very friendly and approachable. They are always extremely motivated to help the player who has not managed to understand the management or any of the functions. Moreover, the provision of quality help takes minimal time. In other words, you do not have to wait to clarify your question, because an operator is always online and ready to contact you. Do not hesitate to correspond or call the King Johnnie Casino contact number at any time of day and night!

The King Johnnie Casino contact number

Basically, the less complicated way of reaching out to the King Johnnie Casino is using your phone. You can make a quick call to talk to a casino worker personally. If you wish to do it then call +61 1300 884 767. We ought to notice that this is a toll-free number so you are not going to be charged for it. Another good thing about it is that the customer support team at King Johnnie Casino is available all the time (as we have already mentioned), so casino participants do not worry about calling late at night, for instance. Apart from that, King Johnnie is really strict when it comes to staff selection since a good candidate should meet a lot of criteria. This is the reason why you will be greeted by a nice customer support representative who will assist you with your query when you call the King Johnnie Casino contact number that we have specified above. Actually, they can provide you with practical help with anything starting from arranging your account to completing a deposit to withdraw your funds. So their advice saves you a lot of time and effort. What is more, they can also deliver useful information about the latest promotions and bonus offers for you as a casino participant and clarify if they are available in your place of residence. You are going to be on cloud nine once you learn about those offers!

Other ways to talk to the King Johnnie Casino support team

Okay, so there is a chance that you are not going to be delighted having to call someone at all, right? This is not a trouble since the King Johnnie Casino has created more options for you. Let's review them a little bit. If you favor not speaking directly to a person, then there are such ways to get in touch with the casino:

a) Email

First of all, you can send an email to This is the official email address of the King Johnnie Casino. After that, a customer support employee will complete a reply to your question or difficulty within twenty-four hours. Yes, it takes some but is still a great option. You will receive a full answer and a solution to your issue. Otherwise, in case you do not want to wait or require to ask something else you ought to discover a live chat.

b) Live chat

Secondly, you can take advantage of the live chat feature on the King Johnnie Casino platform to hold a conversation with a customer support agent in real-time mode. Honestly, this is the most favored option according to the majority of participants. This is because the live chat feature is functional whenever you need it. In other words, this is the quickest strategy to reach out to the casino. Here is what you ought to do to start a chat. Merely press on the live chat icon. Then you will be immediately connected to a customer support hireling. It is done literally within seconds. They can alleviate you with anything from technical matters to issues about the games. The button can be found at the bottom of the screen, on the right. Thus, you can instantly describe your problem and observe step-by-step instructions on how to get rid of it. What is more, your correspondence will not be deleted so all the information will be in front of you. As soon as you finish your chat, just close the discussion tab.


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